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Williamsburg Dumpster Seeks $1,200/Month—Yes, Really

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It's time to quit New York, everybody, because this just happened: a Craigslist ad posted overnight is offering a dumpster—a literal, albeit retrofitted, dumpster—for rent for $1,200 per month, or $200 per night (h/t 6sqft). Nevermind the fact that $1,200 is sufficient rent to live in a real apartment (with a real roommate) in some neighborhoods, but if fierce independence is a main priority, this dumpster should do. The trash can does not come without creature comforts: a bar, sink, stove, and toilet are set up inside the can, and a shower, barbecue, mini-bar, deck, and a retractable roof with windows are on the outside. It's also worth noting that this listing—unlike so many others—is probably not a joke.

The Craigslist ad hits all the buzz-words. Here's its text in full:

This art deco hipster retro mini apt from a converted dumpster is green friendly and sustainable. .and trendy...1200 month. Or 200 per night. 6sqft suspects that the listing is the work of HGTV-featured craftsman Gregory Kloehn, who appeared on the network's show "You Live In What?" back in 2013. Kloehn is said to live in the modified dumpster in the summer months and spend the winter months on the West Coast, meaning it's about high time for him to head out of town. The Craigslist ad only comes with one shoddy picture, but Kloehn's website serves up a few more.

↑ The original Craigslist picture.

If the dwelling looks familiar, you might have spotted it in its resident Williamsburg locale, or its doppelgänger on the CBS show 2 Broke Girls.
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