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How Will Images of Naked, Painted Women Sell Condos?

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The bizarre marketing campaign is for a new East Village development

Yesterday afternoon, amidst the normal Instagram static of silly pets and ridiculously elaborate selfies, the above image and accompanying text appeared, doing two things: 1) formally announcing the teaser site for 100 Avenue A, Ben Shaoul's newest East Village development that's rising between East 6th and East 7th streets, and 2) revealing the bizarre marketing for the project. Naturally, it raised some questions: What does a naked, painted woman have to do with multimillion dollar condos? How does this, the image or the condo, speak for "everyone who has been bullied, talked about, made fun of, and pointed at," as Serhant's text suggests? Reminder: this is a development bringing expensive apartments to a neighborhood its developer has had a hand (an arm, really) in bringing into its current state.

Some Instagram commenters are on-board with this post, and by extension, the building's campaign, although most admit they're confused:

"I don't get it. But that's ok."

"How's that going to help you sell? I don't get it..."

"What is so inspirational about a marketing ad for a condo?"

Ryan Serhant and the designer of the marketing campaign have both chosen to remain mum when reached for comment—so, what do you think this campaign is getting at? Leave your thoughts below.
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100 Avenue A

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