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World Trade Center Transportation Hub Plagued By Leaky Roof

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A leaky roof will delay the opening of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub's underground mall from 2015 to the first half of 2016. The Times reports that water is seeping into the structure around the construction site of 3 World Trade Center. Officials have identified the source as water sprayed by workers to reduce the dust level as they break up concrete at the site of construction. The leak is affecting four retail spaces in the Westfield World Trade Center Mall, which has signed on big-name tenants like Apple, Kate Spade, and Eataly.

The mall occupies the bases of four tours and the concourses between them, and spans a four-block-long site. It is part of the larger transportation hub, which underpines much of the 16-acre World Trade Center site and includes PATH platforms, most of the memorial museum, 1,000 feet of subway line, mechanical areas, and of course Santiago Calatrava's "Bird In Flight" oculus.

The leaking roof is a minor thing compared to earlier reports that the complex's slurry wall might be leaking Hudson River water into the lower concourse, which didn't pan out to much. And about that pesky roof: the director of World Trade Center construction for the Port Authority told the Times that crews have made "significant progress" on reducing the leaks, moving beyond yet another setback for the $3.7 billion structure. Glorious Boondoggle, indeed.
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