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Report: More Manhattan Rentals Above $15K Than Below $2K

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Finding an affordable rental in Manhattan can be troublesome, so the following should come as no surprise: there are more exclusive listings priced over $15,000 a month than there are exclusive listings priced below $2,000 on the island, TRD reports. Their analysis, based on On-Line Residential exclusive listings data as of October 8 found that five percent of listings are asking below $2,000, but seven percent are asking above $15,000. Where in Manhattan is dishing up some of the most affordable apartments? The answer might come as a surprise.

The Upper East Side, known by some as expensive, is actually one of the best bets as a neighborhood in which to score lower rent. While there are plenty of extremely wealthy residents, there are also many who occupy relatively affordable units. In fact, the Upper East Side has more exclusive listings for under $2,000 (171) than all of the island below Central Park (139). Now that's something to think about.
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