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Three Clinton Hill Dudes Seek a Roommate...For Their Closet

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If ever a room embodied pocket-sized living, this might be it. Three 30-something, self-identifying Hipster dudes looking for a female roommate for their—wait for it—walk-in closet posted a Craigslist as on November 1. But the post was deleted on the night of November 5, shortly after Curbed reached out to the guys in question. Maybe they learned the error of their ways, or realized that it might just be illegal.

One look at the dimly light space and you're instantly hit with the mind-numbing sensation that you would be living in a prison-cell sized room with no windows, and a door that's, well, not really a door. It's more like half a French window, if you will. And $450 a month in rent sure seems like a steal for a Clinton Hill dwelling, but it's nothing compared to the lifetime of therapy bills you might be saddled with after entering into this deal. The rest of the apartment is pretty nice: a cozy enough kitchen, and a sizable living room; but you might just find yourself camped on a couch each night if you have to deal with that dungeon for a room.

The post gets prety creepy, too. "Ideally for female," it says right at the top of the post. Perhaps there's a testosterone overload, but that sure does sound just a tad bit predatory. But there's always a plus side. "It's larger than the iPhone lens makes it look in these photos," the listing read. Oh, okay then.

Here's a look at their message in it's sad, sad entirety:

UPDATE: Curbed heard back from the renters. They pointed us to the Facebook thread discussing this listing. A riveting read all by itself. As it turns out, this isn't the first time someone's rented out the closet. It appears that the landlord is in on the deal - increasing rent on the apartment, but allowing more tenants to cram in.
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