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Historic Greenpoint Terminal Will Become a 155-Key Hotel

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The burnt down site of the erstwhile Greenpoint Terminal Market is now set to be a gleaming, 155-room hotel, the Real Deal reports. The property is owned by the Guttman Brothers Jack and Joshua, who head Pearl Realty Management, and also own the popular nearby event space the Brooklyn Expo Center. For the new hotel, the Guttmans are converting an eight-story warehouse at 60 West Street into a nine-story hotel with 84,000 square feet of space. The hotel will feature a restaurant on the ground floor, a bar and gym on the second floor, 16 rooms on the third floor, 24 rooms on floors four through seven, 27 rooms on the eighth floor, and a rooftop bar with an outdoor terrace and pool. The Guttmans purchased the Terminal site in 2001 for $24 million, but a mysterious fire burnt it down in 2006.

The cause of the fire still remains suspect, but the fire marshals at the time thought it might be arson. But that wasn't the first time the Guttmans had been in such a situation. Their building at 247 Water Street in DUMBO also burned down in a similar, mysterious fashion in 2004.

The Greenpoint Terminal site was home to the American Manufacturing Company at the end of the 19th century. In 1913 it had over 2,000 employees. Most of the warehouses at the Terminal site were abandoned as the neighborhood moved from its industrial roots to a residential environment, but some are still used by artists and a hollywood stunt company.
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