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How Far Will Your LA Housing Dollar Go in New York City Neighborhoods?

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Scouring the market for a good deal on a house in Los Angeles is likely to be a very depressing exercise. With once-affordable areas seeing sales prices hit new, incredible highs and the expensive neighborhoods setting their own new records, LA seems like a horrible place to try to buy a place, but an LA Times opinion piece points out that it could be worse: you could be trying to buy in New York. Looking at numbers from 2014 sales on Redfin, PropertyShark, and Zillow, real estate data site NeighborhoodX found that, though LA is deeply unaffordable in terms of what percent of their income people have to pay to live here, it's still a better deal than New York. Well, duh. But comparing the price per square foot in specific neighborhoods reveals just how much fancier a person can afford to live in LA than in NYC.

Malibu is about the same per square foot as Gowanus >>