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Every Condo In Nolita's Ritzy Church Conversion Will Be Unique

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The conversion of the former St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School at 34 Prince Street into luxury condominiums known as the Residences at Prince is humming along. It should be done next year and a 2,743-square-foot three-bedroom will be listed at $7.74 million. Now, more is known about the conversion, thanks to the New York Times. All of the large units will be unique. No two will be the same and that's not the only new detail. Now known is how much several large duplex units will go for.

The 3,763-square-foot duplex penthouse will have three terraces and go for $13.1 million. Another duplex will encompass 4,778 square feet and hold five bedrooms. It is going for $11.625 million. Still another five-bedroom duplex will go for $11.9 million and have 23-foot ceilings in some spots. Amenities will include a wine cellar, common garden, yoga studio, and fitness center, the Times reported.

The project is being developed by Hamlin Ventures and Time Equities and also includes townhouses. Once of them, a six-bedroom with 9,830 square feet, will be listed for about $25 million.

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