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Sherry Netherland's Priciest Co-op Returns For $86M

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"Rarely does a full-floor residence become available in one of the world's greatest skyscrapers," begins the listing for the Sherry Netherland's grandiose 18th floor co-op. That may have been true at one time, but being that this same co-op is now on the market for the second time this year, that's all been reduced to brokerbabble. The apartment is trying again to win the title of City's Priciest Co-op, a distinction that's held by the former home of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, which sold for $77.5 million in March. The Sherry Netherland pad has reappeared on the market asking a whopping $86 million, $19.5 million more than Genever Holdings LLC paid for the palatial digs in March. It took two years for the co-op to sell the last time it appeared—initially asking $95 million—so expect this listing to be around for a while.

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781 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10019