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Behold, the Interiors of Extell's 80-Story Lower East Side Condo

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Extell's Lower East Side tower dubbed One Manhattan Square, now on the rise alongside the base of the Manhattan Bridge, hasn't made many friends in the neighborhood. Maybe that's why the developer chose to launch sales of the $1-$3 million condos abroad before availing them to the states. Whatever the case may be, The Low Down got its hands on some of the overseas marketing materials which now bring a first, very comprehensive look inside the 850-foot building. In addition to first renderings of the 80-story tower's apartments, which will be designed by Meyer Davis, the materials also show off the building's surrounding gardens and the remainder of its 100,000 square feet of amenities, which are as over-the-top as they promised to be.

A full look at the pamphlet via The Low Down, this way.
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250 South Street

227 Cherry Street, Manhattan, NY 10002