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Two Short Midtown Buildings Will Give Way to a 29-Story Tower

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Midtown's sprouting another new apartment tower, this time on the corner of 54th Street and Seventh Avenue. New York YIMBY reports that prolific developer Extell is building a 338-foot, 29-story structure with 54 apartments at 842 Seventh Avenue.

The building's first six floors will give way to 38,236 square feet of retail, and its seventh floor will be devoted to recreation space. Floors eight through 19 will be divided into three apartments, and floors 20 through 29 will each have two apartments. The building will be designed by the ever-prolific Isaac and Stern Architects.

The new structure will replace a six-story and a three-story building that front on Seventh Avenue. Edison picked up the two lots for combined $61.2 million between 2007 and 2014.
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