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Tribeca Townhouse With Glassy Interior Courtyard Asks $20M

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If Don Draper, the protagonist from AMC's wildly popular TV show Mad Men, had a home in Manhattan today, this just might be it. The stylishly appointed, industrial chic townhouse at 75 Warren Place in Tribeca features tons of midcentury flourishes like the panelling on the staircases, and the chairs in the living and dining rooms (although the sellers will probably take those with them.) An elevator on the ground level runs up to the fifth floor of the six-story house, where the kitchen's positioned under an 18-foot ceiling and alongside a formal dining room. The middle of the fifth floor is overtaken by a glass-walled courtyard—one of three in the townhouse. There's also a courtyard on the sixth floor adjacent to the rooftop terrace, and an interior courtyard on the fourth floor, alongside the master bedroom. In all, the townhouse has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and four working fireplaces. Some of the townhouse's other highlights include a den with a 23-foot skylit ceiling and double-story bookshelves. The townhouse was built with a combination of corten steel, concrete, and glass, and is currently on the market for $19.995 million.

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