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Big Reveal: $715,000 For a Hell's Kitchen Co-Op With Loft

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"I want to like this but it feels like the renovation was put on hold half-way through and never finished," said El Pachuo of this week's Spotter apartment, a Hell's Kitchen co-op—and that was one of the nicer comments. The apartment, located at 455 West 43rd Street, proved to be pretty unpopular with commenters: "looks like a cave," "light deprived turd," and "ratty post-dorm place for roommates in a ratty old building" were some of the more creative descriptions of the two-bedroom (or, one-bedroom with a loft). Still, most commenters highballed the price, with only a few guesses within range of the $715,000 asking price. Countess LuAnne (of the "light-deprived turd" comment) came closest without going over, at $699,000. We'll try to find a nicer place next week, folks.

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