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Two Identical Buildings Will Bring 16 Apartments To Flatbush

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Developer Astral Weeks, who may or may not be named after the Van Morrison album of the same name, filed plans in July 2014 to bring two apartment buildings to Flatbush, and now New York YIMBY has a first look at what those might look like. Although the Department of Buildings has yet to approve plans for the developments, that didn't stop Andy McGee Design from rendering the two identical buildings at 1499 and 1499A Nostrand Avenue. The design architect, Bricolage, created two four-story buildings with eight apartments a pop that'll average 700 square feet for the site. A few of the apartments will have terraces, and the buildings will be topped by a duplex penthouse.

· Revealed: 1499 Nostrand Avenue, Flatbush [YIMBY]