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New Apartments Coming to Williamsburg's Broadway Triangle

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A new, 51-unit building is set to rise in the contentious Broadway Triangle section of Brooklyn, NY YIMBY reports. South Williamsburg-based developer Isaac Dahan has filed plans to build a seven-story building at 7 Whipple street, which is currently a vacant lot.

Each of the floors will feature eight apartments, except for the top floor which will have three units. The average size of an apartment in the building will be about 780 square feet. The building will also feature a roof deck on the top floor and a cellar with space to park 26 bikes, a recreational area, and storage.

Dahan purchased the 39,990 square foot property in July this year for $6.5 million. Asher Hershkowitz is the architect on the project.

Broadway Triangle, which sits right in between the neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Bushwick and Bed-Stuy, became one of the most contentious pieces of real estate in the city when it was rezoned from industrial to residential back in 2009. The city's intention was to develop that area for the Hasidic community, which has a strong presence in the nearby South Williamsburg neigborhood. But local activists contested that such a move went against the interest of neighborhood's African-American and Latino population, who also have a long-standing base in the community. The activists filed suit, and projects planned on most of the 31-acres of land that make up the Broadway Triangle have since stalled as a result of a 2012-issued injunction. However that ruling only pertains to city-owned lands in the Broadway Triangle parcel and as a result developers like Dahan whp privately own land in the contest region are able to go ahead with their planned projects.
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