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Brooklyn Heights Residents Unhappy With 40-Story Tower Plans

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A developer's plans to build a 40-story residential tower in Brooklyn Heights is being met by opposition from some local residents, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

An unnamed developer has offered to pay $75 million for part of a land located on Pineapple Walk close to Cadman Plaza West. That site is currently home to 370-unit residential building, and a few commercial buildings. The developer wants to demolish these commercial buildings and erect the new residential building in it's place.

But despite the large chunk of money being offered, some residents of the existing co-op building on the land are determined to put up a fight. The developer can only move forward with the proposal if a majority of the residents of the co-op building, which is located at 75 Henry Street, say yes to the project.

"For the record I voted no," Beth Eisgrau-Heller, told the Brooklyn Paper. "There is no amount of money I would accept that is worth ruining the neighborho­od."

A majority of the residents the newspaper interviewed were vehemently opposed to the project on the grounds that it would ruin their view, depreciate the value of their co-ops, and change the character of their neighborhood. Some residents at 75 Henry Street have lived there for decades.

The money could net residents of a studio unit in the building a minimum of $120,000 and residents in a three-bedroom would receive at least $260,000, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

However, even the commercial properties the developer wants to demolish to make room for the new building have sentimental value to neighbors. One of the tenants in the commercial building is a 33-year-old restaurant - the Park Plaza restaurant, and other shops there include a grocery store and a pet store.

Due to large parts of Brooklyn Heights being in a historic district where the height limit is five stories, developers are now looking for new means to capitalize on the property values in Brooklyn Heights.

Residents of the building have until January 15 to vote on the proposal.

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