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Bushwick Home With 'Outstanding Craftsmanship' Asks $1.4M

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↑ Billed as "stunning," this week's first item is a five-bedroom in Bushwick. Set up as as two units, the owner's duplex has three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. The living room and kitchen are one long and open affair. There are five-inch-wide solid oak wood floors, "extra high ceilings," and "oversized south-facing windows" that "usher a deluge of natural light." In addition there is "abundant storage" and a paved garden patio. Asking price: $1.35 million.

↑ Up next is a Victorian in Ditmas Park perfect for if you have or want a big family. It has six bedrooms and three bathrooms. Because it's a proper house, you also get a driveway and a detached garage. In addition to a backyard, the attic level atop the two-story house has a terrace. There was a partial renovation that obviously included the floors because they are nice and shiny. For its 3,600 square feet, you'll pony up $1.099 million.

↑ Up next is a place in Bedford-Stuyvesant billed as "everything a Brooklyn homeowner could want." It's a multi-family with a total of five bedrooms. Included are fireplaces made with reclaimed brick, pocket doors, wood floors, and walk-in closets. There's even a spiral staircase in the duplex unit. There is also a brick backyard. It's seeking $1.799 million.

↑ Finally, there's the chance to live in a landmark, literally. It's the Doering-Bohack House in Bushwick. Though it was commissioned by the Doering family in 1887, it acquired by the Bohacks (of Bohack's grocery stores) in 1901. It was designated a landmark in 2014. There are apparently eight bedrooms and four bathrooms. Because it is a landmark, you will have to ask the Landmarks Preservation Commission for permission before doing any work on the structure's exterior. How much to live in a piece of history? $1.9 million.

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