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See Where This Year's 50,000 Heat Complaints Came From

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Although the past few months have been unseasonably warm, that hasn't stopped some city residents from dialing 311 to file complaints about how cold their apartments are.

The Department of Housing and Preservation defines October 1 through May 31 as "Heat Season," when landlords are required to meet certain temperature requirements in the apartments they oversee—but all too often this isn't the case. As of November 29, 311 has fielded over 50,000 heat-related calls this year alone, according to RentHop. Most of those calls came from low-income neighborhoods like Washington Heights Crown Heights, and Grand Concourse, but higher-income neighborhoods like the East Village weren't immune to calling in their fair share (in fact, it ranked within the 88th percentile). Over 620 calls have been fielded on the Upper West Side.

RentHop has created an interactive map that shows how many calls were fielded for each neighborhood, and which buildings throughout the city are behind the most 311 complaints. To see RentHop's interactive map, head this way.
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