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Apartments, Sports Facility Coming to Crown Heights Armory

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A 138,000 square-foot armory building in Crown Heights will soon be converted into townhouses, a recreation center, and apartments, some of which will be affordable, DNAinfo reports.

After a few hiccups alongs the way, the city's Economic Development Corporation has given an unnamed developer the rights to redevelop the parcel of land that is currently occupied by the Bedford-Union Armory, as the building is officially known.

The south side of the property, where horse stables were formerly located, will be converted into 12 townhouses. The eastern side, that currently houses a parking lot, will make way for a residential building, where half the units will market rate, 30 percent will be for middle-income families, and the rest will be affordable housing.

The main building of the armory - the one with the dome - will be converted to include an indoor soccer field, a swimming pool, and three basketball courts.

The armory was constructed in 1903, and was occupied by the military until 2011. The EDC took over the building in 2013, and that same year requested proposals to develop the site. In the interim the space has been used to host large-scale events.

The unnamed developer will have full ownership of the land where the townhouses will rise, but the rest of the project will operate on a 99-year lease.

The project came about through a series of meetings that the EDC held with the community, and more details for the project will be announced later this week, according to DNAinfo.

The project still needs to go through a Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) before it is officially green-lit.

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