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Enormous Flatiron Loft Seeks a 'Buyer With Vision' for $5.4M

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When you picture a quintessential New York loft in your head, you probably picture something like this gigantic full-floor space on 20th Street, currently listed for $5.4 million. It clocks in at 4,000 square feet, and has eight pillars holding up its 12-foot ceilings. The enormous space is currently chopped into two large apartments, each with a huge living room, kitchen, and plenty of closet space. But that doesn't mean it needs to stay that way: The listing touts its malleability, claiming that it's a "rare opportunity for a buyer with vision." (Translation: it'll need work if you want to make it a single-family home.) But there is one con: It's a co-op with a $2,900 maintenance fee, so buyer beware.

· Listing: 32 West 20th Street #4 [Elliman via StreetEasy]