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This Small, Wacky Building Will Be Domino Project's Neighbor

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A new, six-story residential building is set to rise along the Williamsburg waterfront, just steps away from the Domino redevelopment megaproject, 6sqft reports. And though the 10-unit residential building may pale in scope and design to its future neighbor, the views of the Williamsburg Bridge and the East River it offers at present, are not too shabby. And what's more, it's likely to finish long before any of the mind-boggling designs of the new Domino buildings take shape.

Located at 349 Kent Avenue at the intersection of South 5th Street, the building is designed by Brooklyn-based architecture firm Workshop DA. Its somewhat wacky design makes it looks like a sleek set of rectangular, metallic stacks.

The project is being developed by Eugene Bushinger who operates 351 Kent Realty LLC.

He purchased the 4,000 square foot lot back in 2011 for $1.3 million, according to 6sqft. The site was formerly home to a two-story commercial building, which had been painted over by muralist Nick Kuszyk, who has done several such mural across the city.

The ground floor of the new building will contain a lobby, space for parking, and two retail stores. Each of the floors above will have two apartments each. Each floor also seems to have long balconies that wrap around the entire floor and are also connected to the floor above and below through a flight of stairs - sort of like a motel if you will, but a swanky one.

NY Yimby had first reported on a mixed-use project coming to the site back in May.

The project is expected to start construction sometime next year, according to Workshop DA's website.

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