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Karl Fischer-Designed Condos Appear In…Brighton Beach?

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What is prolific architect Karl Fischer doing all the way in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn? Designing a 44-unit luxury residential building it seems. Nine, two-bedroom apartments are now available at a seven-story building the architect designed, which is located at 108 Neptune Avenue, according to StreetEasy listings.

Town Residential is repping the developers who only go by Neptune Avenue Holdings LLC. It appears that the developer took out a mortgage for the building in the amount of $13.628 million back in 2014, according to city records. The building was constructed in 2009 however, according to StreetEasy, so it seems unclear whether Karl Fischer worked on the renovation of an existing building or designed a brand new one.

Regardless, the smallest two-bedroom at the building has 934 square feet of space and costs $530,000 whereas the largest has 1,339 square feet of spaces and is priced at $750,000.

Most of the apartments are duplexes and some of their standout features include double height ceilings, Italian cream lacquer cabinets, oak floors, and walk-in closets in the bedroom. With interiors like this could you really have guessed this building was located in the otherwise remote Brighton Beach and not a swanky neighborhood in Manhattan?

The exteriors are clad in brick and glass, and a large number of the units feature small balconies as well.

Curbed reached out to Town Residential to get more information on the project, but is still waiting for a response.

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