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Behold, the Supertall-Filled New York City Skyline of 2030

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The folks at Visualhouse sure do enjoy imagining what New York City will look like in the future—specifically, 15 years in the future. Earlier this year, they created a rendering of the Midtown skyline in 2030 (with One World Trade Center just peeking through off in the distance); the design firm's latest rendering shows the skyline in the same year, but from a different angle. (h/t 6sqft) From the Hudson River vantage point they've chosen, you get the full effect of how the rise of the supertall will alter the skyline, with buildings like Central Park Tower and One Vanderbilt looming over landmarks like the Empire State Building. A built-out Hudson Yards will bring an honest-to-God neighborhood to the west side, while 57th Street is just a cluster of tall towers. It's fascinating stuff, and it'll be a reality soon enough (barring the usual delays that can muck big developments up).

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