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Provident Loan's LES Building Gets Support For Landmarking

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In October, plans were announced to add a residential building atop the over 100-year old Provident Loan Society building on the Lower East Side. The plans would preserve the bank building, but add a 38-unit residential building over it and space for retail. A local preservationist and real estate broker at Sotheby's disagreed (he also launched an online petition), and subsequently filed an appeal with the city's Landmarks Commission to have the building landmarked and prevent the development. And now part of the local community board, Community Board 3 has agreed, and has supported a request to evaluate the bank building, The Low-Down reports.

The architects on the project, Rogers Partners filed permits with the Department of Buildings for the new project on November 30. The owners of the building, who have been trying to redevelop the site for several years, while keeping the bank building intact had also purchased the air rights from a nearby building back in August 2014.

Community Board 3's landmarks committee heard the proposal to landmark the building, which was filed by Christian Emanuel (the real estate broker) at a meeting Tuesday night. He argued that the new project could ruin the existing building's facade and that the Landmarks Commission should at least be allowed to evaluate the project before it moved forward. The Commission has not replied to the request, as per The Low-Down.

The family that owns the building as well as the architects were present at the meeting as well, and argued that this request was a delay tactic, and they had already assured the community that the bank building would be preserved.

"The owners have been longstanding members of the Lower East Side and East Village communities for over 40 years, and have owned this property for more than 25 years," Robert Rogers, the founder of Rogers Partners said in a press release. "They are conscious of the social and cultural roles that prior uses of this structure have played in the community. The individuality of the current structure will not only be retained, it will be enhanced, honoring its long-standing presence in the community. The new building will be a continuing contribution to the neighborhood now and in the future."

The building was once home to American artist Jasper Johns.

The full board will vote on the request at a meeting next week.

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