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Extell's Lower East Side Tower Unveils Affordable Little Sister

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Construction has already begin on Extell's 80-story Lower East Side behemoth, One Manhattan Square, but it remains a divisive development thanks to its razing of a local Pathmark and its so-called "poor door," or a separate entrance for the building's affordable housing component. At a community meeting last night, reps for the developer revealed more details on those affordable units—namely, that they're actually located in a separate building. (h/t Bedford + Bowery)

The development is divided thusly: There's the glass tower at 252 South Street, which will be home to market-rate apartments and more than 100,000 square feet of over-the-top amenities like a private garage, a 70-seat theater, and several landscaped gardens. But per Extell's latest renderings, the 205 affordable apartments will be located in a separate 13-story building (which will sit behind the larger tower) with an address of 229 Cherry Street. There will be a community space with an outdoor terrace for residents, and Extell has promised to rebuild a supermarket next to the building to replace the Pathmark that once served the neighborhood. Per DNAInfo, Extell reps said that half of those units would go to Community Board 3 members.

This isn't the first time Extell has gotten pushback for separating affordable and market-rate housing within one development—its 40 Riverside Boulevard project kicked off the "poor door" controversy in the first place. But according to Bedford + Bowery, residents at the meeting seemed equally concerned with potential disruptions from construction, as well as finding a tenant to occupy the new supermarket. Construction is set to begin in earnest next year, with a projected completion date of 2018.
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