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Proposed Brooklyn Waterfront Park Gets $1.7M in Funding

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A planned waterfront park in Carroll Gardens has received a major boost in the form of much needed funds from the Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams' office. The Columbia Waterfront Park, that is part of the larger Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, was awarded over a million dollars on Wednesday, DNAinfo first reported.

"Brooklyn's waterfront is beginning to receive the attention and investment it has long deserved, as we lay the foundation for what will be a dynamic, healthy, and resilient coastline that attracts millions to live, work, and play," said Adams said a press release. "I am proud to partner with BGI on growing the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, one plant at a time, into a sustainable space that connects residents like never before while addressing long-standing environmental concerns such as air quality and localized flooding. The Greenway will produce countless quality-of-life benefits for our borough while making our waterfront an even more attractive place to invest and create high-quality local jobs."

The Greenway initiative is a plan to connect a 14-mile stretch of parks and open spaces between Greenpoint and Bay Ridge all along the East River that is being undertaken by the non-profit group, The Brooklyn Greenway Initiative. This space will then be open to pedestrians, cyclists, and runners and connect the northern and southern parts of Brooklyn that are otherwise poorly serviced by public transportation.

The Columbia Waterfront Park has now raised a total of $1.7 million in funds. The borough president had previously also contributed $500,000 to the park from his 2016 capital budget.

The funds collected so far are still a long way from making the park a reality, the co-founder of the Greenway Initiative told DNAinfo.

On Wednesday, Adams awarded a total of $1.8 million in funds to the Greenway as a whole. Part of those funds will also go towards funding flood protection infrastructure in Red Hook and Sunset Park.

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