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SHoP's Bendy First Avenue Towers Close to Topping Out

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SHoP Architects are responsible for some of the most game-changing projects coming to New York City, and while their two angular towers rising between 36th and 37th Street on First Avenue aren't their most out-there—it's no Domino, after all—they push the mold for new development. The 41- and 48-story buildings are really starting to take shape now, as shown through a series of photos captured by de facto construction photographer Tectonic. YIMBY notes that the buildings nearly stand at full height, with the north tower coming in at 46 stories and the south at 35. When complete, the two towers will have some seriously luxe amenities—although not quite as over-the-top as their neighbor to the south—and will be connected by a sky bridge that holds an indoor lap pool and lounge.

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