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Staten Island 'Palazzo' With Heated Pool Seeks $1.7M

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The brokerbabble is strong with this house: "Step inside the front door and be transported to a refined world of grace, elegance and quality," the listing reads. Other descriptors used: "a true work of art for the connoisseur of beauty," "sanctuary of style," and "this 'palazzo' is a monument of epic proportion and luxury." (Like, all right, we get it, sheesh.) The theme with the four-bedroom home is "gilded glamor" (their words, not ours), which is achieved through the usual materials: granite countertops, marble tiles and flooring, ornate wooden cabinets, crown moldings, and a grand entryway with a curved staircase. The heated outdoor pool, which can be used year-round, and on-site sauna are decent perks, too. It's located in Tottenville, a neighborhood at the southern tip of Staten Island, with the beach and Conference House Park a short walk away; it's asking $1.7 million. And per the brokerbabble, "this home says 'you've made it'."

· Listing: 660 Rockaway Street [StreetEasy]