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Slice of Vacant Greenpoint Shore Will Become a Public Park

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The decades-old ExxonMobil oil spill that contributed to Newtown Creek's status as one of the most polluted waterways in the United States is the gift that keeps on giving. Generally, those gifts are bad things like plumes of oil and horrid toxins, but there is a slim silver lining in this all: the last $4.25 million of the $19.5 million that the state received from the company in 2010 for decades of ecological abuse to Greenpoint has been divvied up by the Attorney General, and will go to fund a handful of green proposals for the area, DNAinfo reports (h/t YIMBY). The particularly exciting proposal of the bunch is for USS Monitor Park, which will transform a vacant property on Quay Street along Bushwick Inlet into a public green space memorializing the USS Monitor, an iron-hulled steamship manufactured in Greenpoint during the Civil War.

The proposal was awarded $599,200 which will be funneled into restoring the space, creating flood-resistant infrastructure including berms, terraced bluffs, and living shorelines, and installing a boardwalk, all designed by AECOM. The site will also eventually give way to the Greenpoint Monitor Museum. YIMBY notes that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) is partnering in the project.
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