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Curbed Cup 2nd Round Results! It's an All-Upset Final Four

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In an unexpected turn of events, the favorites to win this round of Curbed Cup voting were all knocked out in the Elite Eight, leaving us with an all-underdog Final Four.

Unlike last year, West Chelsea (1) made it into the Elite Eight round—but it was trounced by the West Village (8) by more than 40 votes, meaning the bohemian enclave has now secured a spot in the Final Four. It'll be going up against an even bigger underdog, Flushing (13), which started out the Cup near the bottom of the bracket. In this round, it was paired with its neighbor to the west, Long Island City (5); but despite that neighborhood's bigger development boom and higher profile, Flushing came out on top, trouncing LIC by about 150 votes. We hear you, Flushing—and the West Village had better be ready for a fight.

The next two match-ups also saw the lower-seeded neighborhoods coming out on top. In the all-Brooklyn battle between Downtown Brooklyn (2) and Gowanus (10), the canal-hugging enclave came from behind and won the day by about 60 votes. It'll go up against NoMad (6) in the Final Four: That rapidly changing neighborhood (which wasn't even a neighborhood too long ago) was pitted against Hudson Yards (3) in the Elite Eight—but the skyscraper-laden megaproject ended up getting trounced by nearly 100 votes.

Voting in the Final Four round will commence on Monday, December 28—and may the best neighborhood win.

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