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Brooklynites Have Had Enough Of Park Bridge Closure

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In the spring of 2013, the Squibb Park Bridge opened, connecting Squibb Park along the top of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to Brooklyn Bridge Park below. It was a welcome shortcut full of literal bounce (that was part of the point). Then in August of 2014, it closed, supposedly for being too bouncy. Now, well over a year after that, it's still closed and Brooklyn residents and lawmakers have had enough of it, the New York Times reported.

There was a report in July that said repairs had been completed and the bridge was just awaiting a city inspection. Well, as stated above, it's still closed, meaning people have to walk the long way down the hills to get the riverfront park.

State Senator Daniel Squadron wants the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation to recoup the estimated $700,000 repair cost and to reopen the bridge, the report said. "After almost a year and a half, no answer isn't good enough," he said. "Was it safe before? What happened? What's the holdup now? When will it open? And, most importantly, why isn't the park corporation answering these questions proactively? The public needs transparency on this public resource."

Belinda Cape, a spokeswoman for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, said they are "as eager as anyone" to reopen the bridge, but did not give a date for that.

Residents are extremely frustrated. Some say they haven't seen any work being done on it. "At this point, I think they should just take it down," lamented one woman to the Times.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201