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First Look at ODA's Cantilevered Bushwick Hotel

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Renderings have been unveiled for the 100-room hotel and commercial building that will rise on the site of a 1930s industrial building in Bushwick, ArchDaily reports. The ODA-designed project will see the construction of a seven-story building at 71 White Street, where the lower two floors will be retail and the five floors above will make up the hotel.

Plans call for the lower level to be a market square of sorts with restaurants, bars, shops, and an amphitheater. The second floor will have an open, public promenade. The structure of the hotel will then be cantilevered on top of the open space - think nearby Williamsburg's William Vale Hotel, but not quite as tall.

The project is being developed by All Year's Management, and the developers plan to maintain the facade of the original manufacturing building at the site. In fact, developers are planning to incorporate the graffitied walls that currently stand at the site, into the new hotel-retail building as well.

When first proposed in the summer this year the hotel was supposed to have 112 rooms, but that has now been reduced to 100. Amenities there include a gym, swimming pool, and a rooftop bar.

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