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Tiny Industrial Williamsburg Lot Will Give Way to Apartments

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Two tiny industrial lots in Williamsburg will be converted into two identical townhouses that will sit side by side, 6sqft reports. Located at 171-173 Bayard Street, plans calls for the construction of two four-story townhouses that will have six units each.

The first floor will have two apartments. The second will have two double height homes with a mezzanine level. The third and fourth floor will comprises of two duplexes.

Renderings for the building reveal a brick facade, large windows, and what appears to be a set back on the top floor with an outdoor garden.

The twin buildings are being designed by an Elmhurst-based architecture firm, InFocus Design and Planning, that also worked on a similar project in Crown Heights last year. The project is being developed by Djem Land LLC.

The two adjacent sites are currently occupied by two single-story industrial buildings. The developers purchased the site for $1.8 million last year.

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