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Surprise: Manhattanites Tip the Least For Food Deliveries

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When it comes to getting food deliveries, it turns out that New York City's city wealthiest are also its stingiest. StreetEasy in partnership with Seamless recently completed a new study that revealed that in neighborhoods where people pay the highest rent, such as Lincoln Square, customers tend to tip lower than neighborhoods that have a lower rent burden like Bushwick, in Brooklyn.

In the Lincoln Square area the median income stands at $3,900, according to the StreetEasy data, and the average tip is about 13.2 percent. In comparison, in Bushwick, median rent is about $2,500, but the average tip is much higher at 15 percent.

In fact in the list of top 10 best tipping neighborhoods in the city compiled by StreetEasy, Brooklyn scored on top with nine out of the 10 neighborhoods coming from the borough.

Greenpoint came first with an average tip of 15.3 percent followed by Sunset Park at 15.1 percent, and Woodside, in Queens was third with approximately the same percentage.

Conversely the neighborhood with the lowest tipping percentage was Upper Carnegie Hill (not yet represented in the map) in Manhattan with 12.3 percent, and in general neighborhoods in Manhattan tend to tip far less than those in Brooklyn and Queens, the study revealed.

"Manhattanites might be known for paying high rent, but on the whole they're not the city's best tippers," Alan Lightfeldt, a senior data analyst at StreetEasy told Curbed. "The best tipping neighborhoods are all in Brooklyn and Queens, showing us that a willingness to pay more for a Manhattan address does not always translate into a willingness to tip more generously."

StreetEasy also examined tipping habits by taking rent to income ratios into consideration. For example, in Brooklyn Heights, residents on average pay 30 percent of their income towards rent, and hence tend to tip higher than residents in Elmhurst, Queens, who pay 42 percent of their income on rent.

For the study, StreetEasy used rent data compiled for all of 2014, and compared with the data Seamless provided on tips during the same time frame.

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