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Real Estate Group Rebuffs Idea of Height Limits for Tall Towers

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The Real Estate Board of New York has slammed reports that it needs to restrict the construction of supertall buildings, Real Estate Weekly reports. The retort comes following a report issued by the Municipal Arts Society of New York (MAS) that criticized the city's zoning laws.

In its report MAS called for a halt on the construction of towers over 600 feet tall before extensive public review processes are undertaken for the construction. REBNY counters that all the construction operates completely within the law and that the economic advantages to the city outweigh the concerns.

"The latest generation of tall, slender and mostly residential towers positively contributes to our city architecturally, economically and environmentally,ˮ John Banks, president of REBNY, told REW.

MAS has focussed its attention for the most part on the supertall buildings under construction along 57th Street overlooking Central Park. Their principle grouse is the fact that some of the building codes that allow for the construction of these supertalls are over 50 years old, and that the public does not have enough of a voice in their construction. MAS is not against the construction of supertall buildings, but more about checks on the number of structures and the height.

Recently MAS released a 'corrected' list of city's skyscrapers where the views these buildings offered have changed due to the other buildings coming up around them.

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