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Plans for Grocery on Park Slope Key Food Site Almost Certain

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Plans to redevelop the Park Slope Key Food store into a mixed-use development will almost certainly bring a new grocery store with it, the Brooklyn Paper reports. Last month, Brooklyn-centric developer, Avery Hall Investments was in talks to buy the land where the grocery store is located, at the corner of 5th Avenue and Baltic Street and turn it into a development that would include a residential building with affordable housing, and a commercial component.

Park Slope residents were none too pleased when news of the project became apparent last month. The Key Food is one of last few affordable supermarkets in the neighborhood, and locals want it to stay. They even launched a petition addressed to local elected officials that calls for the protection of the store.

The developer has yet to file official plans for the project so it's unclear how many apartments the new project will bring. The Key Food is one of the largest grocery stores in Park Slope and has been a neighborhood staple for the past 33 years. If closed it will join a growing list of affordable grocery stores closing for new developments such as the Met Food supermarket on Smith Street and the Pathmark in Gowanus.

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