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Citi Bikers Took More Than 10 Million Rides in 2015

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Citi Bike has broken records for the highest annual rides for any bike share program in the entire country, and even beat out cities like London, according to a press release by Mayor Bill de Blasio's Office. "We worked hard to put Citi Bike back on solid footing and expand the system to new neighborhoods," said de Blasio in the release. The new leadership at Motivate has done incredible work making this a public transit option New Yorkers can rely upon, and today's 10 millionth ride is a testament to their success. The future of public bike sharing in New York City is looking brighter than ever."

On Thursday, just after 1 p.m., the city's bike share program recorded its 10th millionth ride this year. That lucky person now rides away with a full year membership for free, and gets to hand out three more to family or friends.

The number of rides this year also mark a dramatic increase from last year when the number was just over 8 million. On seven separate days this year, the number of rides exceeded 50,000 per day, and unsurprisingly two of those were during the Pope's visit.

The uptick in rides can be largely be attributed to the fact the bike share program added 2,400 bikes to its fleet and 138 new stations, a large number of them in Brooklyn and Queens. So far, Citi Bike has 7,500 bikes and 460 stations, which is lower compared to other major cities like London, which has over 10,000 bikes and 700 stations. London nevertheless still lost to the Big Apple when it came to total rides clocking in 9.9 million rides.

And Citi Bike has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. The bike share program is looking to expand to neighborhood like Harlem, Red Hook and Gowanus next year. By the end of 2017 Citi Bike expects to have 12,000 bikes and 700 stations across the city.

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