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Williamsburg Warehouse Will Give Way to 45 Apartments

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In Williamsburg, another low-slung warehouse is being razed for luxury apartments. YIMBY has a first rendering of the six-story building coming to 296 Wythe Avenue that will be designed by (who other than) prolific Brooklyn architect Karl Fischer. When complete, the building at the corner of North 1st Street will hold 13,300 square feet of retail, 45 apartments, and 24 tenant parking spots. A nice addition: the building's stepped design will allow for private terraces on floors four, five, and six. Developer Moshe Braver picked the lot up for $26.5 million in November; if the speed of the design unveiling relative to the lot's purchase is any indicator, this thing will be standing in no time.

· Revealed: 296 Wythe Avenue Williamsburg [YIMBY]