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Morris Adjmi's Cast Iron-Inspired Noho Building Unveils Facade

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The block of Lafayette Street between Bond and Great Jones Streets is getting quite the makeover. On the south side, there's Annabelle Selldorf's 10 Bond, whose terra cotta facade was revealed a few months ago; and on the north side, there's the Morris Adjmi-designed 372 Lafayette Street, which also recently unveiled its exterior. Field Condition recently documented the progress on both buildings, but we're focusing on Adjmi's design—and seeing how well it compares to the renderings of the building.

Adjmi's design was inspired by the historic cast-iron buildings found throughout Soho, and while the materials are different—he used brick and metal—you can see echoes of those landmarked buildings in the gridded facade. The six-story building will be home to 11 rental apartments, per Field Condition, though details and pricing have yet to be revealed. There will also be ground-floor retail and a roof terrace.

Let's see how the rendering compares to the reality, shall we?

[Rendering on the left; photo, by Field Condition, on the right]

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