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Imagine If This Ornate 102-Story Tower Rose On 57th Street

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This morning, renderings surfaced on 6sqft for a sculpture-laden, mammoth 102-story residential tower pitched for 57th Street that is so ornate, it would make the rest of Billionaires Row's supertalls look like glass toothpicks. While it turns out that the project will not be moving forward, as confirmed by building architect Mark Foster Gage, the design is still worth checking out. The supertall building is adorned with sculptures of eagles and gold paneling, and appears to be topped by a gold watchtower with a golden clock (or a bell depending on how you see it.) It only gets better from there.

The proposed structure had balconies for each unit and an exterior of limestone-tinted concrete panels, bronze details, and alloy-tinted enclosures, according to MFGA. The 64th floor of the building would have featured a sky lobby with retail, a two-story ballroom, and a four-star restaurant—perhaps something like Betony, the acclaimed eatery that currently occupies the ground floor of 41 West 57th Street, the site this tower was proposed for.

The ownership history of the building is slightly mysterious. It last sold to an LLC named Asuman 57th Street LLC, according to records accessed through PropertyShark. 6sqft reports that the building is the former home of a national Jewish women's organization named Hadassah, which sold the building to a different LLC, BOB 57, back in 2012 for $71.5 million.

While this design—an homage to Art Deco architecture—won't be rising on the site, the fact that the plan exists suggests that someone might be interested in bringing another supertall tower to Central Park South. Have tips? The inbox is open.

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