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19th-Century Fort Greene Townouse Will Be Razed For Condos

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A new condo building will soon replace a four-story Fort Greene townhouse, according to YIMBY. Plans have been filed for a six-story structure at 162 South Portland Avenue, currently home to an eight-bedroom house that has been there since the 19th century.

A StreetEasy listing for the property shows that it's currently in contract, and calls it "a diamond in the rough"—which, when you look at the interior, is pretty much accurate. Though it's a nice property, the kitchen is a bit outdated, and the exposed-brick fireplaces look like they could use some repairing. That may explain why the developer, Maria Villafane, has chosen instead to tear down the existing structure and replace it with a 60-foot residential building, which will have five apartments, including a duplex on the basement and first floor.

The new structure will be designed by PACS Architecture, per the rendering above, and will at least make an attempt to fit in with its brick-fronted neighbors. No word yet on demolition plans or when construction on the new building will start.
· Fort Greene Condos Reveald at 16 South Portland Avenue [YIMBY]