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Get Up Close With the 'K' From the Kentile Sign in Gowanus

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It's been a year since Gowanus' iconic Kentile Floors sign was taken down from its perch on Ninth Street and Second Avenue, and now adoring fans have a chance to get up close to its remains - or at least part of it. The Gowanus Alliance, a community advocacy group which took over the care of the sign when it was taken down, is hosting an event Friday where people will get to take pictures with the letter "K" from the sign, DNAinfo first reported.

A staple of the Gowanus skyline, especially for riders on the F and G trains, the sign was taken down in June last year after it fell into disrepair. The building atop which it sits also sustained damage during Hurricane Sandy and the owner decided it was not worth the cost to restore it.

Instead due to a rallying effort by local residents and elected officials, the building owner donated the letters of the sign to the Gowanus Alliance once they were taken down.

The Alliance is still exploring its options on restoring the sign to its former glory in a different part of the neighborhood, and an unused playground between Second and Third Avenues and Ninth and Tenth Streets is currently the frontrunner.

The Kentile sign joined a growing list of cherished signs across the city that were given the axe in recent years, but many still remain.

In the meantime, there's always that chance to get a photo with the "K." The event is taking place Friday at 135 13th Street in Gowanus from five to nine p.m. Oh and if you miss that you can always keep a cardboard piece of the sign with you.