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Trans-Hudson Tunnel a Go With $300B Transportation Bill

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The new $300 billion, five-year transportation bill , could provide a major boost to the construction of the new Hudson River tunnel, the New York Times reports.

The new bill, which was approved by Congress last week includes certain measures that could provide additional funds for the tunnel project. For instance, profits made along the northeastern corridor of Amtrak could be invested into new projects like the tunnel.

It's one of the first long-term transportation bills passed by the Congress since 1987, according to the Times. It will infuse much needed funds into the country's highways and transportation infrastructure, that are in need of repair.

"We worked hard to get it in," Senator Chuck Schumer of New York told the New York Times about the Trans-Hudson tunnel project. "and now it means the new tunnel under the Hudson, from the federal side, has a green, green light."

Last month federal and state officials finally came to an agreement the New York and New Jersey Port Authorities to create an organization that would oversee the construction of the Trans-Hudson tunnel.

The Gateway Development Corporation, as it will be known, will monitor the $20 billion project, which is already underway with boxes that will hold part of the new tunnels having been installed between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues between West 32nd and 33rd Streets earlier this year.

The current tunnel that carries Amtrak and New Jersey Transit passengers between New York and New Jersey is over one hundred years old and also sustained damage during Hurricane Sandy.

The new tunnel project is expected to be complete by 2028.
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