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Jean Nouvel's Chelsea Condo Has a Wind Problem, Tenant Says

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Trouble could be a'brewing for architect Jean Nouvel's "vision machine" building at 100 Eleventh Avenue. A new lawsuit, brought by one of the building's residents, alleges that the schmancy condo is "more like a wind machine," according to the New York Post.

The lawsuit, which was brought by Motives cosmetics founder Loren Ridinger (who owns four units in the building), alleges that the building's poor construction allows drafts from the Hudson River to leak in through the curtain wall. The issue is so severe that, apparently, hydronic heating pipes in the building have frozen and burst.

The Post quotes Ridinger's lawyer Steven Sladkus in the suit as follows:

"Much to the surprise and bitter disappointment of the condominium's unit owners, however, the building's ambitious design was poorly executed and subject to cost-cutting measures which left the lauded glass curtain wall with fatal construction defects." Nouvel's building, which is made up of more than 1,000 glass panels that are pieced together, jigsaw-like, was completed in 2010. When it was still under construction, way back in 2008, it faced criticism for running behind schedule and going over budget. And this isn't even the first time that people have complained about the building's construction: Not long after it was finished, potential tenants complained about the shoddy construction, including cracks in concrete and, yes, curtain wall problems.
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