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Design for Pacific Park's 616-Seat Public School Revealed

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Marvel Architects have unveiled designs for the 616-seat public school that is currently under construction at 664 Pacific Street, part of the Pacific Park megaproject, DNAinfo reports.

The school makes up part of the 26-story "B15" tower within the megaproject, which is being developed by Greenland Forest City Partners. "B15" also features 300 market-rate apartments that will rise above the school.

The school will include seven floors of classroom space spread out over five floors above ground and two floors below. It will also have a 3,000 square foot playground on the fourth floor and 2,100 square feet of open space on the ground floor.

Construction work on the building is already underway, and it is the sixth residential tower that is currently under construction at the megaproject site, which features a total of 22-acres of space.

This is Marvel's first project at the Pacific Park site. Architects will unveil plans for the school and the residential building at a meeting Wednesday, December 9, at 6 p.m. at 55 Hanson Place.

Photo courtesy Marvel Architects via DNAinfo.
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