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There's Still Time to Name Your Favorite NYC Neighborhood!

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A gentle reminder: The Curbed Cup, our annual competition to name New York City's best neighborhood is underway and we want to hear from YOU, dear Curbed readers. We'll begin revealing the neighborhoods that have made it into our March Madness-style Sweet 16 bracket next week, but we still need your help in deciding which neighborhoods will make the cut. And remember: all it takes is one grassroots movement fueled by neighborhood pride to vault a neighborhood to the top of the list (we're looking at you, City Island). So how do you nominate your neighborhood? Leave a comment on this post or hit the tipline. You have until the end of this week—voting begins on Monday. Get excited!

Here are the past winners:

2014: City Island
2013: St. George
2012: Hudson Square
2011: Downtown Brooklyn
2010: Harlem's FDB
2009: Williamsburg
2008: Madison Square Park
2007: Long Island City
2006: West Harlem
2005: Prospect Heights
2004: Fort Greene

Which neighborhood will claim the year's ultimate honor?
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