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In Soho, $30 Million Buys This Ginormous Unfinished Mansion

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Because the demand for flashy trophy properties in New York is undying, the developers behind 10 Sullivan have decided to offer a 50-foot-wide home in lieu of two of the townhouses developed alongside of the Cary Tamarkin-designed 10 Sullivan. Developers Robert Gladstone of Madison Equities and Kevin Maloney of Property Markets Group told the Daily News that the 13,000-square-foot home can be delivered as an empty shell, allowing buyers to meet their outrageously expensive personalized home dreams. The ask on such an esteemed property? At least $30 million. And remember, that figure doesn't include finishes. On the flip side, the finished 25-foot-wide townhouses on the site are going for $20.795 million.

If the home looks familiar, that's because it bears likeness to another bonkers mansion planned for downtown.
· 2-in-1 SoHo townhouse fit for a king to list for $30M plus [NYDN]