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See the Time Warner Condo of Related Bigwig Stephen Ross

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Stephen Ross, bossman at Related Companies, once said that he can go two or three days without ever leaving the Time Warner Center, home to his office and, well, his home (and a lot of empty, scandal-tinged other homes). The developer moved into a penthouse in the two-tower development with his jewelry designer wife Kara right after he built it in 2003, and the latest issue of Architectural Digest takes us inside. The magazine was pretty taken with the "splendiferous" views—"endless sky in daytime, a dark mirage of twinkling lights at night, with innumerable shifting moods in between"—but the Tony Ingrao-designed interior is pretty nice, too.

The place is luxurious, to say the least:

With no shortage of concrete on the mean streets below, the four-bedroom apartment embraces the diamond end of the jewelry designer's aesthetic spectrum. The entry, extravagantly inlaid with different kinds of stone, sets the tone for the residence, but the blend of exotic materials doesn't stop there. The floors throughout are a dark-reddish African bubinga wood. Doors, beams, and moldings have been rendered in padouk, a tropical wood from Asia. Walls are elaborately paneled, plastered, tiled, or upholstered. Highly textured carpets and fabrics, most of them keeping to a warm, natural palette of browns, rusts, caramels, and creams, enrich the deftly imbricated compositions.· Inside the Glamorous New York City Apartment of Kara and Stephen Ross [AD]
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