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Taylor Swift's NYC Apartment Probably Looks Like This

Today is Taylor Swift Day across the Curbediverse as we celebrate the reigning queen of pop and her adventures in real estate and beyond. Why? Because 13 is her lucky number, and we heart her like a Valentine. Long live.

It is no secret where Taylor Swift lives in New York. In fact, she seems to welcome the paparazzi every time she leaves her Tribeca apartment. But what is more unknown is what she's made her penthouse look like. The duplex apartment, which is actually two units, was previously owned by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, who at one point planned to combine the units (will Taylor follow through with the renovation?) Rolling Stone visited the place not long after she moved in, and detailed a bunch of the weird shit that Taylor already installed (weird shit is her specialty when it comes to home decor). Since we're still waiting on an invitation for a tour, we decided to bring to life what her new home probably looks like.

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155 Franklin Street

155 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013