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Watch A 'Purging Guru' Take On A Design Critic's Messy Home

Tidiness is key in the New York City apartment, which averages about 20 square feet in size. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but the quality of life that comes out of living in an organized environment is no joke. According to "domestic purging" guru Marie Kondo, everything that does not "spark joy" in its owner, from books to stacks of office papers, does not belong in a home (essential, joyless things like bills and toilet paper aside). On a recent trip to New York, the 30-year-old Japanese celebrity visited the West Village home of New York Magazine's design editor Wendy Goodman, and imparted her methods of joy-sorting upon the archetypical New Yorker. Clearly overwhelmed by the task, Goodman suggests in a video caught by NYM that she take a few months off of work to practice Kondo's methods. No one said getting to the state of organized bliss was easy but, speaking from zero experience, it's probably worth it.
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